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IGP Tools is committed to provide the best in diamond tooling, accessories, and service to the glass, mechanics, and technical ceramic industries.

With established strong relationships with our suppliers, we present exceptional products and service to those industries.
For over 30 years, IGP has been synonymous with value and world class service to its many satisfied customers.

Fab Lab


CNC smart accessories The best results can be only achieved tuning all variables of the process. For this reason ADI has launched the new project “FAB LAB COMPETENCE SERVICE” which mission is the competitiveness and the quality of its customers. In order to fully optimise its products, ADI has decided to complete its offering by introducing accessory products which, once integrated with the tools, are able to further increase the productivity efficiency.

  • Interchangeability of all components, which are always available for replacement.
  • Vulcanized rubber on both sides for better grip and to avoid scratches.
  • Anodized aluminium components for better protection.
  • High precision dimensions (height within 0.05mm).
  • Release valve availability for faster positioning of large pods.
  • Lip rubber seals for better vacuum retention on irregular surfaces.
  • Various dimensions available on stock (storage in Italy and USA).
  • Low air volumes for faster vacuum reaction.
  • Custom made products.